ERC20 AI Sniper Bot Automated Trading for New Token Launches.

Automatically get the best entry on ERC20 token launches, with automatic sniper mode; AI technology that finds, buys and trades every major token launch.

Let AI Work for You

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Ai technology integrated with

Launch Sniper Dex Screener Launch Sniper Bot Pancake Swap Launch Sniper Bot Uniswap Launch Sniper Bot Dex Tools Launch Sniper Bot TG Launch Sniper Coin Gecko

Most sniper bots require you to spend hours of time searching the most suitable launches. makes it easy.

The Launch Sniper AI bot scans X (Twitter), PinkSale, Dex Screener, Dex Tools and Telegram 24/7 to automatically find every major new token launch, it then buys and trades each launch for 100% hands-free, fully automated trading.

How it works
Limitless Screens

World's First Ai Sniper Bot to Offer Fully Automated Trading

Launch Sniper works 24/7 finding launches for
100% fully automated trading.

Unlimited designs

Let AI do the work.
Find the best launches.

AI automatically finds the most popular ERC20 token launches and automatically gets you the best entry.

Affordable prices

Choose what to invest & set profit targets.

Select the amount to invest in each token launch and choose from our recommended take profit targets.

World-class design and development

Advanced manual
configurations available.

Want to manually configure the bot yourself to select your own launches and settings, no problem either.

Astonishingly fast turnaround

Fastest Ethereum nodes
in the industry.

Sniper bots use nodes, the faster your node the better your entry, we only partner with the best in the industry.

How does Launch Sniper work?

Choose from one of our affordable plans, we walk you through the easy setup process step by step and get you trading in your sleep within just a couple of hours.

Reviews & Results
Select your plan

1. Plan & Easy Setup

Choose a plan and follow the simple setup guide. Our support team are also available on Telegram to assist you anytime.

Submit your request

2. AI Works 24/7

Our AI bot searches night and day on X, Telegram and Pinksale for the best token launches that are likely to receive the most volume.

Get your designs

3. Stay in Control

Choose how much to invest in each token and set your own profit targets or use a trailing stop loss to maximize your returns.

Request revisions

4. Telegram Results

The bot buys and sells every token launch for you, simply monitor the performance on Telegram, the bot works even while you sleep.

Adam Schwartz

"Was lucky enough to be invited to test their Beta mode since August and was FUCKING AMAZING! Now paid for their full service a few days ago and its incredible to see how well the Ai picks out the best launches with the most volume to really maximize returns."

Mike Hammons Joined November 6th

Bart Decrem

"Just signed up and am totally blown away, been trading shitcoins for two years and I dont understand why anyone would trade manually anymore. Tried other bots like Maestro and Unibot before but was not that impressed, this thing is nuts, hats off to the devs."

Nick Wallows Joined November 8th

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Case Study 2
Dave Greiner

"I am addicted to being a degen haha but one of those people who when ever I buy it seems to go down and when ever I sell it goes up, not anymore, this thing is fucking epic."

TG Username 3 Joined Novermber 9th

Meredith Blechman

"WOW! literally all I can say! Love the way you literally just leave it running and it finds the tokens for you, seen you make more on the Super plan, will be buying that later today."

Ken Baker Joined November 9th

Launch Sniper Bot - Pricing Plans

Join our Telegram channel for help choosing.

The $LAUNCH token will be lifting off early in 2024, users who register now
can start sniping straight away, will receive a lifetime plan
and a HUGE airdrop of tokens on launch day!

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Most Popular

Super Sniper

Full Private Node Compatible (Fastest)


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Questions? Read our FAQs or
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Pricing divide

What's included:

  • Compatible with full private node (Best Entries)
  • Our fastest server
  • No max cap on trades or TP
  • Low 1% fee on all trades
  • Unlimited Ai launch picks
  • 24/7 Customer Support
You'll get entries up to 12 times better than our cheapest plan.
Best Deal

Semi-Loaded Sniper

Light Private Node Compatible


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Pricing divide

What's included:

  • Compatible with private node (Better Entries)
  • Faster server
  • No max cap on trades or TP
  • Low 2% fee on all trades
  • Unlimited Ai launch picks
  • 24/7 Customer Support
You'll get entries up to 8 times better than our cheapest plan.
Entry Level

Standard Sniper

Limited Public Node Compatible


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Pricing divide

What's included:

  • Compatible with limited node
  • Medium speed server
  • Max $250 per trade / 200% TP
  • Low 3% fee on all trades
  • 25 Ai launch picks (pm)
  • 24/7 Customer Support
You'll get entries up to 4 times better than our cheapest plan.
Cheapest Option

Basic Sniper

Basic Public Node Compatible


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Pricing divide

What's included:

  • Compatible with basic public node
  • Standard server
  • Max $100 per trade / 50% TP
  • Low 4% fee on all trades
  • 10 Ai launch picks (pm)
  • 24/7 Customer Support
You'll get entries much better than manual traders.
Adam Schwartz

"Been following Pow and others for ages but never seem to get good entries like them, not sure if they use bots or just act super fast. But this bot is the dogs bollox, 100% worth getting one of their top two packages, mistake I made was being a cheap charlie, the lower packages are still profitable but since I upgraded iv been making way better returns."

Susan Riley Joined November 9th

You have Q's, we have A's.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Launch Sniper?


We developed Launch Sniper with a passion for trading in the DeFi space, drawing from our years of experience as both traders and complete degens who loved trading new token launches. Our motivation stemmed from the fact most existing trading bots lacked user-friendliness and still demanded significant effort on the user's part.

We watched lots of Telegram sniper bots come onto the market, while some of these bots are quite good, they operate on shared servers and nodes, this means they are slow, although you might not notice it, in sniping seconds mean everything and they simply can't deliver the best entry for new tokens.

The key to successful trading during these launches lies in having the fastest servers and nodes, ensuring you secure the best entry price. Bots running on private nodes normally require manual setup and were overly complicated, demanding days of configuration and hours of daily research to find the right token launches.

Our response was the creation of a bot that is not only fully automated and user-friendly but also allows for manual configuration for those seeking extra functionality. A unique feature of our bot is their compatibility with private nodes. To illustrate, think of it as 1,000 people all trying to stream a movie on the same WiFi network simultaneously; the network's performance will inevitably slow down.

Similarly, with the shared servers used by most bots, your information is transmitted at a slower pace due to a high volume of requests. Our bot's compatibility with private nodes resolves this issue, limiting the number of users or enabling users to set up their private nodes. This translates into significantly faster data transmission, resulting in much more favorable entry points, which can be the difference between a 3% and a 300% return.

We then placed a strong emphasis on user-friendliness and customer support. While you may prefer using a bot directly on Telegram, you need to realize that requests can be delayed, as you rely on shared Telegram servers. At Launch Sniper, we host each user account on private servers (the speed depends on the package you select), this again gives you a much better entry, faster the server, better the entry.

Plus our user-friendly dashboard is accessible on desktop, mobile, or tablet, ensuring ease of use. We also provide a comprehensive walkthrough guide to help you navigate the platform effectively and 24/7 customer support to make sure Launch Sniper is profitable for you.

* Launch Sniper gives you a 10-20 times better entry then any other sniper bot.

+ Our commitment to full automation means that Launch Sniper's AI bot can handle everything on your behalf. It identifies every major token launch for you automatically, there is literally nothing for you to do, and it executes buy and sell orders for you, even while you're asleep, giving you a truly hands-free trading experience.

Do I need to know about Nodes?


What plan should I select?


How much should I invest?


What returns can I expect?


Is there a demo account you can show?


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I have more questions—what do I do?